Laser Vision Correction Co-Management

Laser vision correction is a safe and practical alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses full time. We will evaluate your ocular health and discuss your visual goals to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for LASIK, PRK or other procedures. We will then recommend the best solution that fits your needs and lifestyle. Should you decide to move forward with laser vision correction, our staff at ClearLight Eyecare will provide you with a detailed pre-operative assessment and on-going post-operative care.

The pre-operative assessment includes:

  • Review of ocular history and stability of your spectacle prescription
  • Status of current prescription
  • Evaluation of corneal and ocular health
  • Eye dominancy testing
  • Recommending corrective options

The results of our assessment will be forwarded to the surgeon and a pre-operative consultation will be scheduled. After the procedure, our doctors will provide in-person post-operative care over a period of 6-12 months, where we will manage your ocular health, corneal healing, and vision to quicken the recovery period and ensure long-lasting benefits.

Questions About Your Eyes?

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